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Good – A Short Story

Despite countless efforts from the local police in catching the Newport Deviant, any semblance of progress towards freedom from further mischievous deeds bore little fruit for the fearful public. This didn’t stop Julian from working tirelessly at his desk, relentlessly tapping his fingers on the surface. He kept muttering under his breath a list of possible suspects, while keeping his pencil scribbling on the surface of the notebook page. At the crossing of his last “t”, he knew this would make him famous.

Chapter 1: Could You Ever Let Her Go?

Brenton, New Oklahoma had a reputation of being one of the worst cities in the United Colony. While many others had either left the settlement for greener pastures, Richard Ferguson stubbornly stayed behind. He sat idly on his living room couch, his body slightly tilted in an angle that would arguably give most people back problems. He knew that living in Brenton wasn’t the greatest idea he had ever come up with, but given his personal and financial circumstances he had no other choice.