Server Downtime Pt. 3

Server was down (yet again) due to the circuit breaker being tripped and my sloth in restarting the computer. As you can see, it’s back up and I’ve already set the BIOS to power on when the power gets cut. Totally forgot I can do that.

In other news:

  • One of the drives in my RAID 5 array failed. I’ve only had this server for a year and a half and already a hard drive failed. Sasuga Seagate, making shit hard drives since forever. I’ve subsequently replaced it with a WD Red 2TB and left the rebuilt to run last night (6 hours).
  • Fixed a lot of Time Machine server issues, so backing up within my local network should be fine (fifth time’s a charm, right?)
  • Replaced the front page with Mirai instead of Natsume. God bless.
  • I’ve killed the thought of moving the website to a third-party. I’m too cheap.
  • Also, I’ve killed the thought of getting a NAS. This setup works fine.

Hopefully I can get more personal projects setup (IRC server, BBS, etc.). That should be fun.